Safe Buyer Insurance

Innocent home buyers are left facing financial ruin as criminals find increasingly clever methods to infiltrate property transactions in order to steal the buyer’s funds.

There are three scenarios in which buyers are targeted:

  • Buyer Deposit Redirection Fraud – fraudsters impersonate the buyer’s conveyancer to steal the buyer’s deposit funds.

  • Vendor Conveyancer Fraud - fraudsters impersonate the seller’s conveyancer to steal the buyer’s money, by providing fraudulent bank details to the buyer’s conveyancer.

  • Property Hijack – where a fraudster impersonates the registered owner of a property in order to steal the buyer’s money in a fraudulent sale.

Our expertly designed fraud checks help to mitigate the risk of property fraud occurring and if the optional Safe Buyer Insurance is selected, the buyer is insured against financial loss from these fraud scenarios. The insurance policy covers up to 120% of the property value for additional peace of mind.

If you want to use Safe Buyer Insurance to protect your property purchase, contact a conveyancer using the search below.

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