Buyer Deposit Redirection Fraud is Costing Property Buyers Over £2.8m a Month

The Safe Buyer Scheme Can Help Conveyancing Firms in 5 Ways by:

  1. Protecting the partner’s/director’s liability to restore their client’s loss under their duty of care to prevent fraud when unwittingly acting in a bogus sale (e.g. Purrunsing V A'Court & Co) or under their obligation to restore funds to their client account in the event of money redirection fraud – see Professional Conduct extract from the SRA Handbook or Code of Conduct from the CLC Handbook

  2. Preventing reputational damage caused by high profile media coverage

  3. Protecting a firm’s place on lender panels

  4. Helping them get preferential professional indemnity insurance policy terms from insurers supporting the Safe Buyer Scheme

  5. Making your firm more attractive to potential new clients*